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Nutraliquids Launches Comprehensive Line of Liquid Nutraceuticals.
San Diego, California. Jan 1, 2018

At launch Nutraliquids introduced 16 different liquid nutritional products in single serving pouches with some products also available in 30 day supply, 30 ounce bottles. Each product is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and natural ingredients proven to support its unique claim. Functional foods and dietary supplements promise consumers vitality and good health. The Nutraceuticals market provides much of the same effects. WHAT ARE NUTRACEUTICALS?
The term nutraceutical was coined in 1989 by Stephen DeFelice, founder and chairman of the US-based nonprofit organization The Foundation for Innovation in Medicine (FIM). According to FIM, a nutraceutical is a food, dietary supplement or medical food that has a health benefit including the prevention and treatment of disease. Those wanting to adopt healthier lifestyles, prevent illness or manage their weight are increasingly turning to the nutraceuticals - or the healthy ingredients - market. The sector has huge potential, the market has grown very healthily; there's been phenomenal double-digit growth in the past few years. A key growth driver at the moment is disease prevention. About 10 years ago, the nutraceuticals message was very much about general wellness - take this supplement and it will enhance your wellbeing - but over the past five years, the trend is more towards promoting an ingredient to address a specific health issue. We see, for example, that in the US, there is increasing demand for dietary supplements to prevent the need for more expensive medical treatment.

From Immunity Support to Weight loss, Omega 3 Heart Health, Detox, Energy, Sleep, Joint Support, Bone Health, Daily Vitamins and even Hangover prevention. Nutraliquids has created a wide variety of hot products for the market and are poised for significant growth.